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Doug Sohn

I want to share my over 40 years' experience studying the best in human potential development and applying it to my own life, to help you reach success--however you define it.

Just because we're over 60 doesn't mean we're through growing!

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What are people saying about Success After Sixty and Doug Sohn?

"I'm really impressed by Doug's depth of knowledge about success and his dedication to helping people, like me, in our sixties become the best versions of ourselves."

Tharifa Wenrich

Natural lifestyle advocate

"Doug Sohn is a role model and leader in the movement to make activity and accomplishment the norm for older adulthood."

Ronald S. Kaiser, Ph.D., ABPP

Clinical Associate Professor, author of Rejuvenaging

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The Three Keys to Success

Haven’t reached your dreams in 60 years? Learn how, in a single day! 5 STAR RATED!

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Master 2021!

The secret to making this your best year ever!

This video on demand event will give you the three key tools you need, in order to make 2021 your BEST YEAR EVER!

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The Secrets to Creating a New, Exciting Life After Age 60

Our premier course!

A two-day immersive mastermind experience where you will rid yourself of the thought “I'm getting old” and start to reach out to your dreams! 10% off this month!

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